File:Coyote Smith - Enfield No 2 Mark 1 - SIG P230.jpg

A customized Enfield No 2 Mark 1 is Coyote Smith's main weapon. Coyote distinctively holds his Enfield revolver almost upside down. He's also seem with this gun at the flashback of the hotel massacre.

Place of Origin: United Kingdom
Wars: World War II, Korean War, British colonial conflicts Designer: RSAF Enfield, Webley & Scott
Designed: 1928
Produced: 1932 - 1957
Manufacturer: RSAF Enfield
Action: Double-action
Cartridge: .38 S&W
Capacity: 6 rounds
Effective Range: 14 m
Weight: 765 g (unloaded)
Sights: Fixed front post and rear notch

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